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Robert S. Beal   Surrealist Master   Painter/Etcher

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              R.S. Beal  'Backwater Stem-cell Crucifiction'  63 by 48"  2006


R.S. Beal  'Draped Death or Death Judging'  Oil (detail-right side)  2006

                Full View

R.S. Beal  'The Fool II - The Inquistion'  Oil  48 by 37"  2007

"The second or third Oil in the series 'The Fool', a work somewhere in-between 'Fantastic Realism and Pata-Surrealism', also largely inspired by Rudolf Hausners (Vienna School) work of the same title." Rudolf Hausner's (1914-95) work of the same - offsite (at Gnosis 'The Fool'-Malarz), is less facetiously sardonic or sarcastic and more pathos. My comment is that in dualistic 'conservative/liberal' driven 'Western Society, a Master or any artist also plays a Fool, particularly in a closed-ended conservatively geographical arena where quasi-verism or Surrealism isn't particularly respected . . .

- probably initially conceived or perceived, while in process of painting as 'the little atman (trickster god, juggler, joker, illusion) and big Atman or SELF', as in Brahman - not as a symbol nor metaphor -

                       R.S. Beal  'Mindscapes'  Oil   24 by 36"  1994-95

Originally posted on the Trellix-fortunecity National Grand prize site in May 2000, 'Mindscapes' was interpreted as 'looming shadows and impending doom on the twilight horizon' and may by all accounts have been fairly accurrate.

Offsite Reading: Terrance Lindall's, 'End of Civilization'  and Keith Wigdors excellent Socio-Political-Surrealist Montage/collages - ". . . such as the recent Global Health Summit attended by movie stars and celebrities . . . where enough money was probably spent to feed Somolia for a week, but all for glamour and publicity!" - excerpt from 'The End of Civilization'. - T.L.

                                        The Backwater (Stem-cell Crucifiction) - details


   Robert S. Beal  'Backwater Crucifiction'  (Detail-TOP half only shown)   63 by 48" 2006

            Sub-title: 'Cubistic Stem Cell Christ and the Red-light District' -  Enlarged Details below .

                   R.S. Beal   'Crucifixed' (DETAIL)  Oil   2006

'The head of the central figure is open, exposing wires, capacitors, batteries and a digitally altered brain.' The digitally 'altered brain', of course, has extremely limited viewpoints, making it often difficult to fanthom the true meaning of art, it's function and multiplicity of purpose . . .

            'Crucifixed'  (Detail)  2006


R.S. Beal  'Backwater Stem Cell Christ'  Oil  2006  'The Bottom half of the painting replicates 'the raising of Lazarus', in a contemporary setting, tormented, with elements appropriated from Bosch.' A luminous blue sky, silouetted through the contour of archs, echoes the cool discords of the top half of the painting. The secondary red light is repeated thru-out the work and on the 'Walking-Man' motif and is a device commonly used by the Surrealist painter Rudolf Hausner. The central figure being a metaphor for humiliation and the loss of stem-cell research funding capable of finding cures for MS, spinal nerve damage, paralysis, etc..

'Crucifixed by the Back-water' (Oil-63 by 48"/Completed 2006) would typically be considered 'Visionary Art' due to the fact that the composition is planned (flexible symmetry) and that only 60% of the imagery arose spontaneously from the unconscious and without malice or forethought (a pre-supposed and strict prerequisite of Surrealism proper is its supposed unconscious, spontaneous image making).    Also common to 'Visionary Art' would be the use of often rich, intensely pure and bright colors (corporeal-Mass) against a much larger area of muted field (mass-field porportion).  Paintings like this generally require months to complete and obviously aren't really worth painting, primarily due to the fact that they can't even be shown.  THE PRIMARY Reason that I even paint works like this, is simply to DEMONSTRATE that one can paint just as well, if not better, than painters such as Dali, Rudolf Hausner, etc., and still be completely unknown, unable to acquire a show, etc.   Anyway, for want of a better term, we'll call this section 'Visonary-Surrealist art . . . (50% this-automatic drawing and 50% that-conscious manipulation). View the completed work - (and other works featured (offsite) at Keith Wigdors  'SurrealismNOW'  (The best in Surrealism and all its affinities - offsite - artists from around the globe).


Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is
firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his
principles unto death.   - Thomas Paine

I believe that the moment is near when by a procedure of active paranoiac thought, it will be possible to systematize confusion and contribute to the total discrediting of the world of reality. - Salvador Dali 

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing. - Salvador Dali  

Painting gave meaning to my life which without it, it would
not have had.

::: Francis Bacon :::

'Logic is a complication, logic is always false . . .' -  Tristan Tzara 'Manifesto DADA' 1918

Currently the artist is doing 'research' on stem cell cloning and the Blackwell-Ohio voter scandel of 2004. A painting is in process depicting both phenomenonal events simultaneously and at the 'exact same time'. True to Surrealist intentions, the painting itself will have absolutely no imagery relating to either of the above. - 'The Fantastical Imperial Kingdom of Diddley Dum Do' (completed Work in Oil - Social Commentary, 2006).   'The Past isn't Dead, it isn't even past . . . 'William Faulkner'


Full View

  'The Mystic House' (of Henry James Young)   Oil (in process-DETAIL)

48 by 41"   2006 - 2008   sub-title: 'Night of Breaking Glass'

'The Mystic House' (of Henry Young)   OIL   48 by 41"  (127 by 102.4cm)  2006-2008

'the most widely accepted notions of reality are actually mass-media produced illusions serving the cause of consumerism . . . true feelings and experiences are supplanted by simulated ones . . .' - Jean Baudrillard

'the Real World may not, in all cases, be what it appears to be to the common viewer . . .'

- the First sign of fear, conformity and degeneration in the arts will be the loss of content and any subjective will . . . all art will become merely decorative coloration to enhance the prison walls -


R.S. Beal 'The "Great Imperial Fantastical Kingdom of Diddley-Do-Dum'  (details)   Oil   39 by 59"    2006

Full View at: Social Commentary Gallery (not available)   

Note: Links were available at time of posting for Recommended Reading Online and off.

  Recommended Online Reading:  The Ohio Voting Scandel - R.F. Kennedy Jr. (The concept that the 2004 election as actually rigged, with Kerry winning the 'ECLECTORAL Votes' in Ohio . . . has a legitimate and valid base)

Manifest Destiny (Left-Curve mag. - American Imperialism) - Michael Fitzgerald Article 'ManifestDestiny'

Lawrence Britt (The Defining Characteristics of Facism - Online Article) Offsite

'When superstition is allowed to perform the task of old age in dulling the human temperament, we can say goodbye to all  excellence in poetry, in painting and in music - Denis Diderot : Philosophic Thoughts-1746'

Political Language: Metaphor, Morality and Politics (Lakoff)   AND   Asymmetrical language


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R.S. Beal 'Things of Xmas' 1998

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R.S. Beal  'On the Beach'  2002

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