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Robert S. Beal - Surrealist - Painter/Etcher (Works in Oil and Intaglio/Aquatints/Printmaking) - 1970-2013

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Etching II

  R.S. Beal "Self Portrait" (Impression of Bewilderment)   Aquatint Etching  9 by 7"  1976

    Van Gogh - 1975

     Intaglio - Etchings - Aquatints  1972-2013           Academic (Realist) - Surrealism _________________________________

'The General'    Aquatint/Line Etch/drypoint

8 by 6"   1998  2nd state


R.S. Beal  'Dialectical Tension'  Aquatint/Softground (Etching)   8 by 5"  1973

R.S. Beal     'Epicurus'     Aquatint/line etch and drypoint  

5 by 7"  1998

- Epicurus was the great Greek philosopher who firmly believed that 'the path of least resistance' was the best, and that all life was a 'process' of pain and suffering.  Epicurus, needless to say, was a complete idiot, as he failed to realize that there is no path of least resistance. -

ETCHINGS are printed in limited editions (IMP) and numbered with 5-10 artists proofs. Ink color and acid free etching paper, varies, depending on print, and inking ranges from Intense black, umber, sienna, etc.. Paper varies from Stonehenge, Rives, art laid, Arches, etc.. Ink color and paper printed on depends solely on the state of the plate/ type of etching and the particular edition size.

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                        'Portait of Mary with Demon'                                                                  'Portrait of Charles' (pure Aquatint)

                               9 by 6"  1983 (line etch)                                                                          15 by 12"  1982

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                'Self Portait' (line etch) 1981                                                            'Charles'   1982 (Aquatint-Rosin)

'Self-portrait'  Drypoint  9 by 7"  1981

A drypoint drawing, unlike etching proper, is cut directly into the plate with a diamond or steel needle, without the intervening use of an acid resist wax-ground and acid biting. ______________________________________

Robert S. Beal  'Portrait of Charles Rutledge' 

Line Etching    7 1/2 by 5"   1980


R.S. Beal  'Self-portrait Sitting'  (8 1/2 by 5") LineEtch circa: 1974

"Metamorphosis"  Aquatint  4 by 3"  2000
- METAMORPHOSIS:  to tansmute or change into a different form, a striking alteration in appearance, to go beyond  or over; an abrupt change in form or structure -

'Anthropomorhic Tree'   8 by 12 1/2"   Circa: 1977

Soft Ground and Aquatint

*Pure Aquatint; Powdered Rosin (wax) granules melted onto a zinc plate and worked with lithocrayons into a negative afterimage and etched in successive acid baths, often as many as twenty to thirty timed acid baths in succession.

R.S. Beal  'Van Gogh'  Aquatint Etch  1975


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R.S. Beal  'Zoe'  7 by 5"  1997  (Line Etching with Aquatint)

Portrait etchings (small plates - 4 by 6") 6 Limited Edition (IMP)* prints: $650.00   Also Visit: RSBeal Surrealism Intaglio (online Purchasing)

R.S. Beal 'The artist as Albrect Durer' Pencil 1996

'Albrect Durer (1471-1528), the great German painter/Engraver, also completed a number of etchings during his lifetime and was one of the first exponents of Pure Etching drawn plates in acid.


                                                                                            'Self Portrait'
                                                                       Pencil Study for Etching 2007   14 by 11"

'Untitled'  Etching-line 4 by 2"  1974

R.S. Beal  'Untitled'  Drypoint-Engraving (FirstState)  8 by 15"   1990

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*IMP: 'Hand-printed by the artist' designated when signing the print.' Etchings ARE NOT photographic reproductions and they ARE NOT photo-reproductive Copies from the original print, as is so often the case. They are the 'Original Print', drawn, cut (etched) and printed (IMP) by the artist.

Surrealist Etchings

R.S. Beal  'Enigmatic Figures in Landscape'  Etching (Line and Aquatint)

7 by 5"   1997

R.S. Beal  'Dr. DeeNerds Pig-ploy yellow two-faced skull gear lie machine'

Drypoint, Aquatint and Line Etching       8 b y 11"   1997

R.S.Beal  'Remains of Yesterday'  Aquatint and Line  8 by 10"  Circa: 2000

R.S. Beal  'Clown Macabre'  Etching (Aquatint, etched line and minor drypoint work)

5 by 7"   1996   Limited EditionIMP

'Female with Vulture'  Aquatint, drypoint and line etching

11 by 7"    1997

Etchings - EROS Surrealism


R.S. Beal 'Occultation' Detail (line etching/Eros)

Plate size: 8 by 4"  ca.1984

R.S. Beal      'Seminal Seed' (Detail only)    Line etching/Eros

1984    Image Size: 16 by 10"

"Little Hiroshima" Etching 2010

Plate 2 'Chant's de Maldoror'

  • Visit ETCHING II on this site for plates produced after 2008. Also offsite SURREALISM Oneirical and Classical link at: Etchings and Intaglio . A brief explanation of the Etching process' located at: www.beal-surrealism , link: 'Intaglio' allows samples of both academic and Surrealist aquatints and pure line etched portraits. Use browser backbutton to return to this site.

R.S. Beal  'Surrealist Figure of Port Lligatt'  Line Etching 7 by 5"  2003

editors note: The top 'Intaglio' link at the TimeClocks 'homepage' site is broken. Refer to above links. Thankyou. The Artists 'etchings' have been compared to 'Rembrandts' etchings in the use of his line work.

R.S. Beal  'Comte de Lautreamont' (The Picture Makers)  6 1/2 by 4"  2002

Etchings, as we know them,  have been around since Albrect Durer, Schongauer, Pollaiuolo and before. Any incised image (The pre-historic Caves of Lascaux), incised onto rock or metal (images on armor) are early examples. Rembrandt, Meryon and Goya are traditional modern masters of etching proper. A sheet of polished zinc or copper is coated with an acid resist wax ground. A needle is used to incise (create the drawing), through the wax, exposing the bare metal and then the exposed lines are 'etched' in an acid bath, generally nitric, which eats into the bare exposed lines creating the drawing on plate. The plate is then 'inked up' and ran thru a high pressure 'roller' press and printed onto paper. 


 Hand inking the metal plate and wiping (removing surface ink) from the plate with a tarlatan (gesso coated cheese-cloth) and whiting (cleaning the plate with the palm of the hand) is considered an 'art' in and of itself. Often a slight 'plate tone' (surface ink) is left on the zinc plate creating a tone background on the bare plate, which is transfered to the paper. Or the finger or entire palm is covered with talc (whiting) and then brushed or  rubbed on the plate, exposing clean 'highlights'. Every 'etcher' has his own personal methods for printing plates.


R.S. Beal  'Minotaur' (FirstState line etch) 8 by 10"  2000

- Prior to application of aquatint (rosin) -

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Visit other R.S. Beal Sites to preview 'Oils on Canvas' (past and present):

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   R.S.Beal   'Sleeper'  Etching/Line   1997    5 by 7"                               R.S. Beal 'Ian Eades'  

R.S. Beal  'Portrait of Kathe Kollwitz'  7 by 5 1/2"  1976  Aquatint

Kathe Schmidt Kollwitz (1867-1945-German), one of the great German etchers/engravers of social themes and anti-nazi propaganda.

  • One of the few surviving prints, by the artist, of over 200 stolen 'master' plates etched between 1972 and 1988.     
       R.S. Beal 
          'Man in the Park'   Aquatint   5 by 4"  1977

                        See Also: ETCHINGS II on this site

R.S. Beal  'Goya'  Etching (Aquatint)  7 1/2 by 5" 

Circa:  1975-76

- Goya, Francisco de: 1746-d. 1828 -

Conrad Printmaking Lithographic and Etching PRESS studio

  • Note: This Site features only a very small fraction of the artists works. Visit other R.S. Beal sites to view additional works. 1970-1988 (Stolen Ouevre-Reward/Contact artist)      Increase or reduce 'text Size' on site if needed under 'VIEW' in Windows Menu and to align sub-heads and titles.


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