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Robert S. Beal   Surrealist  PASTEL'S  1970 - 2019

Pastels - Conte - Charcoal 1970-2019

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R.S. Beal 'Self-Portrait'  2010
Charcoal, Conte, Minor Pastel work  26 by 20" (on Canson pastel paper)                          

                                                                                                                                                   R.S. Beal 'Self Portait'   2015

  Robert S. BEAL  (Portrait of DEATH and Hausner)  2015


R. S. BEAL         Double Portraits of Hausner and HUGO and Hausner and ME                2015      (From: Homage De Hausner)                                                            

R.S. Beal  'John Milton' (Bust-study) 
26 1/2 by 19"   Conte, Pastel, charcaol on toned (warm) Canson Pastel Paper
- from Jonathon Richardsons (1665-1745)  University of South Carolina  - a contemporary version of Milton

R.S. Beal 'Rudimentary Anterior view' - Muscular grouping/Anatomical Study    Partial View Female Nude  24 by 19"  2010   (Conte, Pastel, charcoal)  

R.S. Beal  'Male Nude' (Old Man) Anatomical Study  25 by 19"
2010  - conte, pastel, charcoal -

Surrealist and Realist Pastels.Charcoal and Conte
R.S. Beal  'Self Portrait' (Profile) Seeking Moksa (Liberation) Conte/Charcoal
2011  Jhana (Wisdom)             
 "Jessica" pastel   26 by 19"  2013   'Shiva' Pastel  2016

 'Portrait of Jessica' Pastel   'Jessica' Pastel                       Madonna PASTEL 2015

 'Jessica'  PASTEL 25 by 19"  2012     

                                                                                                                                                          Sureal Pastels

'The Sacred'      'The Cocain Dealer' (From E. FUCHS)

 'the Flame thrower' (from Fuchs)

R.S. Beal "Portrait of a Female"  Mixed media
Pastel/Charcoal/Acrylic/ink   1994 20 by 32" (detail)

  Robert S. Beal  "Pastels" on archival Pastel paper  2001-2010

'Beverly' (Mono-Study for pastel)  2010

R.S.Beal  'Portrait of Yuko Nii'  2010
- Permanent Collection, Yuko Nii Foundation, N.Y. -
charcoal heightened with white on light Gray pastel canson 25 by 18"

- Founder of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, The John Milton Foundation, N.Y., Abstractionist Artist, Women of the Year-N.Y., etc. -

                           'Broken People' CONTE 1997
Robert S. Beal  'Portrait of Madison'  PASTEL
26 by 19"  2011
Portraits of G. Herbert English Poet

R.S. Beal  'Portrait of George Herbert'   b.1593, English Poet
Collection: Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser

R.S. Beal  'Portrait of George HERBERT'  (version II)  Pastel 
24 by 19"          2015
Private Collections:

- "PORTRAIT OF Madison" Pastel section:    - The artist rarely caters to the 'Petit Bourgeois' (as so many galleries today do) and rarely does child portraits, unless commissioned or as favors to supporters and friends.  In the USA, most galleries prefer to 'MARKET THE TRADE' i.e., 'home decor' ( a type of tasteless and completely insubstantial art) which caters to the poor, often 'corporate, 'retinal' tastes of the artistically 'uneducated bourgeois - this tends to disallows ANY public viewing of the artists own work and/or DARKER works in Art; the Artist has not been allowed to show in his own geographical viewing area, as as been the case now, for over 40 years. - Dali, himself, was heavily criticized for catering to the celebrity-bourgeosis, of his day, and his tastless, often poorly rendered portraits of the super wealthy and fashionable 'stars' of the screen. -

An artist, within his lifetime, will often do thousands of studies, pastels, prep drawings, pencils and charcoals, etc., considerably, often FAR MORE, than the hundreds of finished works in oil, etchings and more serious mediums, that one is able to complete, during the course of a life.

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R.S. Beal  'The Horde'  2nd State Etching  (Intaglio print)
Aquatint/drypoint and line etching 
6 by 4 1/2"   2009   See Also:
Etching II

R.S. Beal     'Three Men on a Stage - Bananna Jesus and the unholy Trinity' 
 Oil  72 by 144"   1981-86   GalleryIV
Note: to follow the 2009 alterations, additions and completion of 'Three Men On A Stage' visit ONSITE: GALLERY IV


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