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R.S.Beal (MusicSureal© Experimental and Traditional Surrealist Music 1986-2013 (New MusicSureal CD's)

R.S. Beal 'Tanguyian Derivation' Oil  

- Yves Tanguy's desolate, bio-mechanical and mineralized, fossil-scapes have a musical quality often more associated with the first generation 'abstractist' Surrealists, such as Miro and Arp- 

 'Paradise Lost' AudioMusicCD StereoONEHour

the artist began experimenting with musical instruments, sound effects and melody in early 1986. Breton was known to have hated music.

The artist began experimenting with experimental sounds, rhythms, scales, nuances and melodies in 1986, utilitizing special effects peddles, distortion, wah and echo boxes and 11 different instruments (including Flute, soprano and alto sax, tenor sax, keyboards, synthesizers, Korg, Roland, Electric guitar, drums, Electric violin, viola, standard guitar, etc.). Utilizing traditional scales with non-traditional, the available cd's consist of flute, electric piano (Korg) and electric guitar digitally altered and enhanced. They were designed primarily for the artist and/or other Surrealists artists tired of listening to traditional rock and jazz music while working and for motivating a type of musical sound bio-feedback for visual arts in order to 'agitate or enhance and provoke' the imagination and provide visual imagery, while painting. The artist is formally trained in 'VISUAL arts' and MusicSureal TM(Surrealist Musics) are original Surrealist creations/compositions purely as an extension of the visual art of R.S. Beal. 'I am not a musician that experiments with 'Surrealist music' but rather a visual artist that creates original surrealist compositions in subconscious melodies as an extension of visual 'mindscapes'. I try to actually create a kind of 'simultaneous sound afterimage' similar to induced simultaneous color afterimage's. The artist is a Surrealist painter that creates original surrealist music rather than a 'musician' that experiments with Surrealist Music. MusicSureal was an accepted entry in the International Surrealist/Visionary 'Wah' (Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, BraveDestiny show in N.Y., Sept. 2003 - one the largest and one of the first Surrealist Renaissance shows in America since the figurative revival of funk, pop and classic Surrealism, Fantastic Realism, Cosmic Symbolism, Visionary art, etc..



Roland Fantom G-6 Synth-Piano and Fender FV-1 Elect VIOLIN stolen Oct. 10-11, 2014 (REWARD)

a recent home/studio fire (2014-15) and thefts (following the fire) destroyed a LARGE number of major works on this site and in this photograph including many of the instruments above

the artist plays over 11 different instruments 

'I suspect I began doing Music as an visceral and intuitive 'response' to the antagonism and hatred towards Surrealism. A kind of visceral or onerically blind response to expression without voicing.

'unlike visual art, music (sound resonance) seems to bypass censorship and is able to speak it's own hidden agenda or language, beyond cultural conditioning and dictates'  Music just 'goes' into the wind and leaves no visual footprint, while actual visual art can easily be denied, destroyed, stolen, etc., by geographical climates that can not stand or tolerate non-conformity in the arts.  History has shown that ignorance and stupidity are readily willing and fully capable of destroying personal and universal creation. It takes no great talent to destroy what often takes years of preparation to create.  Museums tend to 'protect' what is unique about human existence from what human stupidity, at it's worst, can accomplish. Ignorance is perfectly willing to leave the banal, the trivial and the insignificantly mundane alone, while going out of it's way to destroy the momentous and unique. We live in a society that trivializes the Great and over dramatizes the completely insignificant.

  ©   'The Death of Dance'  Playtime: One Hour Stereo ($10.95)ShippingPaid

© 'EggHead I' and EggHead II (Stereo) PlayTime: OneHour 15 tracks Korg, Guitar, Flute, etc.          Zurich DADAISM 'Bruitism':    The 1916-19 Zurich Dadists initiated 'Bruitism (Noise-Music, from le bruit-noise-as in le concert bruitiste, NOISE-Music Effects), simultaneity, and chance. While Zurich Dada was primarily a literary manifestation, with ideological roots in the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud and Guillaume Apollinaire, they made an intense critical re-examination of the traditions, premises, rules, logical bases, even the concepts of order, coherence, melody and beauty that had guided the arts and tonal rhythms throughout history. Their frenzied Music-Noise poetry readings often caused riots and a corresponding 'frenzied reaction' in the audience. For the Dadaist, ART was NOT to be guided by stylistic innovations and movements or isms . . . but was to be intuitive, natural and emotive. N. Cage, N.Y., later took up some of the basic premises of Dada Bruitism in Music-Sound and chance effects. MusicSurealTM is an extension of the original Surrealist/Dada Music of Bruitism.

Paradise Lost (An interpretation of Milton's Paradise Lost in Music-Stereo/17 Tracks) 2012

Orchestrated Music Featuring Korg, Roland, Flute, Violin, Sax, Keyboard, Synth, Guitar, Percussion, Etc..

2012 Featured at Terrance Lindall's Paradise Lost Collectors Show, N.Y., Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, April 12-14th

R.S. Beal   "Death Judging" (Draped Death)  Oil 

R.S. Beal   'WonderLand'   40 by 30"  1988

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 The Tragedy of an affluent society is that art itself,  has been so drummed out of each individual and child by the age of four and that by adolescent, the education system has so totally conditioned out the innate sense of art, that it's now impossible for ANYONE (either the common layman or the so-called 'expert') to tell if it's a masterwork or the product of trickery, wishful thinking, fakery and overt hype. The result is that the serious artist simply gives up.

Surrealism . . . it is indifferent to "techniques" and has always scorned aesthetics. It has always been something much more than an "art" or "literary" movement. As a subversive outlook and state of mind it existed long before it had a name, and it has persisted as a revolutionary force long after all the avant-gardes have joined the Establishment. Quote from R. (Chicago group)

Also See: About SURREALISM - Commentary R.S.Beal at Poetics and Musicsureal (scroll to commentary-offsite at R.S. Beal SURREALISM2005)

SURREALISM 'Art History' Original Movement 1924-1955 (offsite)


R.S. Beal 'Portrait of Dean Christianson'  Oil  2005

Private Collection

For those familar with the Universal in the Particular . . . a remanent of 'Hemingway's old man of the sea. A portrait of disease, decay and age in strength and nobility.


R.S. Beal    'Eve after the Fall'  (early version)    2013-2014

R.S. Beal  'Portrait of DALI'  Oil  24 by 16"  1996

Dali's original goat hoof and Greco-Iberian headdress (Lady of Elche) have remained, while the porportions have been altered - the 'Picasso' Logo has been removed, along with the mandelin-spoon and silly red carnation, the painting now being a portrait of Dali, instead of Picasso . . . from Salvador Dali's: Portrait of Picasso, 1947

R.S. Beal   'Shades of Pale Death'  (DETAIL) 

Oil   36 by 48"   (Full View)

View 'Shades of Death' and other Surrealist works at Beal-Surrealism, including the artist working in the studio on 'Shade's' and additional studies and cartoons (perspective grid) for 'Shades of Death'. During the French Revolution it was common for the proletariat under-classes (serfs) to remove the heads of the aristocratic ruling class (kings) from their kingly statues, as well as from their personages. At the 'Gallery of Kings', in France, all Gothic statuettes were be-headed by cannon ball blasts and their 'heads' are now preserved at the 'Muse de Cluny', after being found and unearthed by a brick mason. Civilization has really not 'progressed' all that far since the 16th-17th Century, albeit there are MORE I-pods and SUV's (and needless to say, considerably more than needed) . . .

R.S. Beal  'From Tanguy - untitled'   16 by 20"  2005

Sub-Title:  Tomorrow - Misesteem (Oil on Canvas)

Yves Tanguy - Wikipedia: Offsite (1900-1955), submitted only to the promptings of the forms on the canvas and often painted upside down. His initial (early) technique was, like Rene Magritte's, somewhat pedestrian, albeit he later developed his mental configurations with exactitude, extreme clarity and precision of detail, making his discoveries entirely his own.  

YVES TANGUY and 'Indefinite Indivisiblity' (Fusion-Offsite) Compare: 'Tomorrow - Demain' Oil on Canvas / 1938 / Yves Tanguy

R.S. Beal  'Aftermath'  Oil  1995-96

(from Yves Tanguy - Slowly towards the North - 1941

After the extensive thefts of 1986-88, which destroyed the artists 20 year Oeuvre, he ceased painting and focused primarily only on music for years, ultimately rebuilding an art studio in 1995-96. With little materials, he worked on Tanguyian appropriations until returning to his own style. He continues to paint works after and in homage to Yves Tanguy in an attempt to take Tanguy's Mineralized-Mechanico landscapes a step further.

R.S. Beal  'The Abides of Tomorrows Past'  Oil  2009-10

  • Audio Samples MusicSureal©    Experimental Surrealist Music

  CrypticSureal II (Instrumental Only) PlayTime: One hour stereo  $11.95

  • OffSite Audio Shorts SURREALIST MUSIC      Guitar             Flute          Composition: (Taking in Water)  'AudioSamples may require Player.'

If you like Surrealist Art and Surrealist 'master paintings' from that First Generation of Surrealist Artists, Yves Tanguy, Paul Delvaux, Matta, Magritte, etc., you might appreciate the Surrealist Music of R.S.Beal. While Andre Breton complained of his disdain for music in general, with the comment that 'sound' removes the 'mystery' from life, MusicSureal alters the unknown with a strange melodic sureal  mystery.    



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