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Robert S. Beal   -  Master Surrealist   -   Painter/Etcher (Works in Oil and Intaglio/Aquatints) -1970-2013

classic Surrealism Oils and Etchings



R.S. Beal 'The Visceral Origin of Surrealism' (Detail) Oil 48 by 31" 2007

See: GalleryIII


'The Necromancer'  Oil (Partial view)  36 by 24"  2009  (Pencil study for 'The Necormancer')

sub-title: 'Prisioners of Prejudice' (Full View)

- In many cultures and societies, the fear of new art forms and/or traditional Surrealist forms prevents those forms from being shown - Art is seen as a threat to the Status Quo and 'established' pedagogues. While the Renaissance of Fantastical, Surrealist and Visionary Art seems to continue and advance, far beyond Breton's own expectations, onto a  worldwide stage, with numerous group and individual shows in New York, etc., many rural mid and midwest geographical areas in America, refuse to accept or show Surrealism. The greatest of those artists have simply been ignored, unless they, also, CONFORM, to the status of what 'surrealism' is supposed to represent, according to the percepts of gallery representation and home decor.

             'Work in Process'

R.S. Beal 'The Steroid King and his Insidious Holy Ship' 

Oil  48 by 26"  2011 (DETAIL) 'The Slave Ship'



R.S. Beal    'et Homage 'zu' Hausner'   Oil    48 by 36"    2005

Rudolf Hausner - 1914-95  Visit: GALLERY I

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To view immediately the 'Oils of R.S.Beal' visit the offsite Thumbnail Gallery Section at Surrealism2005, or Thumbs at TimeClocks or the Gallery One Section (oils on canvas) on this specific site. Do you like the later works of Yves Tanguy - VISIT: MusicSureal on this site!

R.S. Beal 'The Fools Cap'  Oil (Detail)  2007 See: GalleryONE

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Robert S. Beal  'Alexandria - Shades of Pale Death'  39 by 48"  Oil on Canvas  2005


'Plastic Toy Soldiers, Real Guns and the Wrong people'  Oil 

48 by 34"  2007-08 (Oil in Process)  sub-title: 'Candle-light and 1000 Genocide Nights'

- where does the fall sunrise


On the lighter side

of the EDGE of the MOON where

It's Notion Can't be SEEN

Where the cheapest melody and the larger


his shadow

As he asks for more and more and more . . .


Just this side of the other shore . . . -

'The belief that the deepest of Melody pours out of the smallest of daily experiences - Ivan Goll

Poetry site under construction requires Key to Access

The idea that every 'act' Reveals an unknown or unconscious motive resulting in a corresponding

'sequence' of unconscious or otherwise 'subconscious' motives, artifices or acts and even consequences.  The principality and simultaneous denotation of PURE Thought as a creative disruption of meaning, whereby the often ordinary connotation of words, objects and situations (melo-dramatic, contrived or sincere) shifts onto another place of the fantastic not unrelated to its original exponent, yet still manages to infiltrate the field of the infinitude as an inferential reality.  Similar to a dreamstate that discloses something otherwise 'HIDDEN' to the 'dreamer' . . .

Poetics published in UK and USA - Literary Journals TW#4 1994 UK, Gypsy and Gypsy Anthology summer and Winter issue, etc.. Anthology 'The Silence Within', etc..

R.S. Beal  'Three Men on A Stage (Bannana Jesus) OIL 

6 by 10 feet    1981-2012 (detail view) center


R.S. Beal  'The Wheel Barrow' Oil  circa: 1982-83 See:GalleryIV

sub-title: 'The Alaskan Pipeline'


R.S. Beal  'The Backwater'  Oil (detail - Right Corner)  Refer to Below for full views

R.S. Beal  'Crucifixed by the Backwater'  Oil  (Large View Completed)   63 by 48"   2006  

Also Visit: GALLERY II and Visionary-Sureal Art ( for full views)

NOTE: Excluding the Still life Section and Biomorphics (Non-figurative design), This is NOT a 'home decor' site. Please refer to appropriate catogories (other sites) if seeking 'Home Decor'. This site requires a 'minimal' amount of art literacy and familiarity with Surrealism and is NOT specifically designed for some geographical viewing areas antagonistic to Surrealism. Sorry, Please refer to other artists sites. This site presupposes a minimal 'working knowledge' of Surrealism proper. This site contains figure drawing, anatomy, etc., and is an International site.


R.S. Beal  'Three Men on a Stage (Bannana Jesus)' 

DETAIL Oil   1981-86  6 by 12 Feet   See: GALLERY IV

- The Man in the RED SHIRT appears in numerous paintings by R.S. Beal and is an Auto-Biographical 'Data' Material or Icon image, that the artist uses over and over, much as Rudolf Hausners 'Adam' image appears repetitvely in his own paintings and is re-phrased anew in each painting. It made its first appearance in the mid 1970's-

 'ENTER HERE' (Graphics II)  to preview GRAPHIC thumbnails immediately, albeit slideshow is recommended.  R.S.Beal  'The Prisoner'  Flash Show (Slide Preview) gives a brief, albeit full 'overview' of all R.S. Beal sites. Each individual site specializes in specific mediums, years or genres related to Surrealism. This site predominately focuses on Graphics (Works on Paper) and Printmaking (intaglio and aquatints), albeit contains some unique Larger Master Oils. Slide Show contains 19 frames. R.Beal is a selected A.S.I. Artist, Saginaw Arts Museum (selections by Michael Bell, assist curatorial MOMA Cal.,, Curator of Exhibitions and collections, Saginaw)- American Surrealist Initiative, 2008 and was a participant in the INTERNATIONAL Surrealist/Visionary Brave Destiny 'Williamsburg Art and Historical Center' (Wah) show, Sept.2003, Brooklyn, N.Y., featuring the work of Ernst Fuchs, Salvador Dali, George Tooker, (sponsored by the Society for the Art of Imagination / UK) etc.. Also a selected artist in the Wah 'Milton' paradise Lost 400th Anniversary 2008 exhibit, N.Y.. Paintings are now in the permanent collection Wah Center and Yuko Nii, John Miltion archives. Hardback publication inclusion, 12 by 12" FineArt Book (honorary mention), 2010 from ArtBuzz.org.


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*Oneiric: (common use-N.Gr.) of or relating to a dream. Pertaining to a waking condition which appears dreamlike.

*Veristic (Verism): to have the 'appearance' of reality. Theory or style holding that truth and realism as (is) an aspect of art and often using contemporary material as opposed to Romanticism. The use of non-logic subliminal imagery in a realistic vein.

SURREALISTE: Initially used by Appollinaire for his fantastic farce, Les Mamelles de Tiresias (1917), which he subtitled 'un drame surre'aliste'

A.S.I. (American Surrealist Initiative) Show Schedule 2008 Saginaw Arts Museum, MI - Jan. - March (Canceled)

BraveDestiny Show, International 2003, Sept

John Miltion 400th Anniversary Show, 2008

Hardback Publication, ArtBuzz.org, 2010

Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, New York, Museum Collections Permanent Loan

Special Collections: USC Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser, John Milton, Paradise Lost Collecton

'Portrait of Ian Eades'  Etching  Visit: Printmaking

Ian Eades 'Founder of Hammond Galleries UK_______________________________________________


R.S. Beal   'Mindscapes'  Oil (Detail)  24 by 36"  1995

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R.S. Beal    'et The Ha nd'    Pencil/charcoal    26 by 17"    1995

R.S.Beal (Working Period - 1970-2009)  Visit Gallery: Graphics

To view immediately the 'Oils of R.S.Beal' visit the offsite Thumbnail Gallery Section at Surrealism2005, or Thumbs at TimeClocks or the Gallery One Section (oils on canvas) on this specific site.

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R.S. Beal  'Diverse Miners' (Detail)  Oil  28 by 43"  2006    (See: GalleryII)

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R.S. Beal   'Pottery'   Oil   18 by 24"   1998   Visit: Still Life Gallery

R.S. Beal Oil 'Adam and Eve'  2005 (Can also be viewed offsite at Beal-Surrealism)


    R.S.Beal    'Paradise Lost' Oil (detail   36 by 72"    2006           

    Visit: Oils on Canvas Gallery One 

    View Very Close-up DETAILS, showing technique in Oil, of Paradise Lost at: DETAILS-PARADISE LOST (three views). 

    Refer to: BIO-About (offsite at Oneirical and Classical) for Actual Publications, One-man Shows, Awards, Resume-bio, etc..

    - Paradise Lost - featured on cover Urban T, 2005 and accepted entry in Wah, John Miltons 400th Anniversay Paradise Lost show, Brooklyn, N.Y - Permanate Collection, Milton Archives, Yuko Nii foundation, N.Y..

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    R.S. Beal  'The Mouse Mouth-piece'  2002  'Death Judging' (Draped Death)   Pencil   2006 (Study)   'Death Judging' Oil(Detail)  2006
    Visit: Graphics I and Graphics II
    R.S. Beal  'Death Judging'  Oil (detail-right side)  29 by 26"  2006
    Full View at: Visionary-Sureal Gallery or click above images to view

    MusicSureal was an accepted entry in the International Surrealist Wah Exhibition, Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept. 2003
    No composition, musical notations or extracts of MusicSureal can be used without expressed written consent of the artist. MusicSureal© is a copyrighted trademark. Artist retains all Reproduction rights of audio and visual works.
    NOTE: To fully appreciate the import of many of the works on this site, more than just a cursory knowledge of art history might well be needed and helpful, along with an extensive knowledge and understanding of Surrealism proper.  
        View at: MusicSureal    
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    R.S. Beal  'The Clown' Oil  1990
    - the Artist as a Fool -
    'In over 37 years of working I've come to despise the paronymous cultural parotitis of art and all it represents . . .'

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