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Robert S. Beal   

 Surrealist   GALLERY IV    Works in Oil 1980 - 2013

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R.S. Beal   'Three Men on a Stage (Bannana Jesus)'  Oil (Detail)  72 by 108" (6 by 9 feet)  1981-1986

Sub-title: "The Maddox Syndrome" (Poisonous Pedagogy-prejudice, ignorance and bigotry)

(ALTERATIONS in PROCESS in 2009-2010)

- Begun in 1981 and Completed in 1986, Banana Jesus ('Three Men on A Stage' - a large work) was initially confiscated, by the City (put in hot-storage) and then stolen, by thieves, shortly there-after, just upon completion, and never shown either privately or publicly after it's initial completion - ultimately, briefly recovered, and then, once again put into storage for over 25 years where it sat wasting, along with hundreds of other stolen paintings, until now.  Only recently was it finally located, recovered and returned to the artist. - The work was initially planned and painted as a 'magnum opus' for the 30 year hence International Surrealist/Visionary resuscitation show that the artist foresaw as inevitable, in as early as 1971. The Actual historical Brooklyn, N.Y. Wah show was held in 2003 and while the work was not in it, the artist was represented in the specific show. Unfortunately due to the constant thefts and the extreme moral bias towards Surrealism in the 1970's and 1980's the work turned out to be a 'magnus hitch psitacosis' instead of the planned opus. -
NOTE: to follow the completion and alterations to and of this work (2009), please also visit: Pre-Raphaelite Gallery


           Detail of 'Three Men on a Stage (Bannana Jesus)' Oil 1986 

sub-title:  The Holy Trinity (The Bagman, the Businessman and The Redneck) -        


R.S. Beal  'Infinite Divisibility ONE'  34 by 26"  Oil (Detail)  1984  (Full View)

sub-title:  'Divisibility of the Infinites'

R.S. Beal  'Candy Rock Tanguy'  Oil   23 by 17"  1982-83

- The three works above are only a few recovered works of hundreds stolen or put in storage in 1988 after 17 years of work.-

As more stolen work is recovered, cleaned, re-lined and repaired it will be posted on this page. Two minor masterworks have been returned along with very early works from the 1970's and 1980's including the original 1975 'Paradise Lost- Fall from Grace' oil. These are significant works. As they are cleaned, cloned and prepared, more detailed full views will be available.

R.S. Beal  'Constant Rain'  Oil  23 by 35"  2010-11

- Originally titled 'White Silence', an immutable Yves work, still in process -

  • Stolen Works in Oil recently recovered from 'the Remains of Yesterday' 1970 to 1983

R.S. Beal  'The Clyde Barrow-willy  Wheel-barrow'  oil  (31 by 40")  1982-83

- Wheel Barrow was a ptolemaic colorist work in oil: 1982 with pale lilacs, purples and tones of post ptosis remains of discorded turquoise and blue -

                   ©Detail view only

Detail View from 'Fall From Grace' Oil 30 by 40"  1973-74

- Diego de Silva Velazquez 'Saint John on the Island of Patmos' posed for this work. A small detail of a larger work completed ca. 1974, I found the model irritable and seemingly frustrated. -


R.S. Beal  'The Cubicle Isle of The Dead' (Detail)  36 by 24"  1973

- From S. Dali's 'Giant flying Demi-Tasse' (1944) - The 'True Isle of The Dead' after Arnold Bocklin -    

Works in Process utilizing the IMAGE of Howdy Doody - 2007

 ©Full View

Robert S. Beal  'The Apollonian Crank'  Oil  27 by 20"  2007  - In process -

- Initially derived from the Apollo Belvedere by an unknown Italian Baroque Sculptor 'Head of a Young Man' (Roman Artist) in the Dresden collection: Circa 17th Century, the Baroque Apollo was the starting point for this 'Surrealist Version with Blue Maniken and Consumption Crank'. - While this work isn't from 1980, it is shown here for comparison.

This work is in process.  The left side of the work reads poorly both as a symbol and as a visual reading. It will ultimately be altered and the crank or handle completed.

"Dues Ex Machina"  Oil (Detail) Work in process  2008



R.S. Beal  'Stocks, Pilleries and Cultures of good Intentions'

sub-title: 'Inventions of Culture'

(Left Side DETAIL)   38 by 48"   2007   Oil on Canvas 'in Process'


R.S. Beal  'Inventions of Culture' (Stocks, Pilleries and Cultures of good Intention)

2007    38 by 48"    Oil  


R.S. Beal  'The Return Home'  OIL  2008

28 by 22"

sub-title: - Blue Maniken in a shoe-box with Howdy Doody and some grinning Fat boy with Grapes on his head -

An overly long meaningless title signifying absolutely nothing.

'The Illuminators'     Oil     25 by 42"

Robert S. Beal  'The Illuminators'  Oil  25 by 42"   2008

- flourescent discords and edge irradiation create an uncanny lighting at a balloon sellers rally -

sub-Title: 'Floaters'

'The Illuminators' Oil (Detail)  2008

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