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Robert S. Beal   Master Surrealist       Oils 1990 - 2-18

The Small Fuehrer (The Infinite Observator after E. Fuchs(Series in Oil) 1990- 1996 - 'click image to view'

 View     'The Small Fuehrer' (Version One)     Oil   1991


      'The Small Fuehrer'  (Version Two - The Infinite Observator) Oil  1993


      'The Small Fuehrer' (Version 4 - The Bone Communion) 1996       

   View    'The Small Fuehrer' (Purple Version 3)  1993 Oil on Canvas                   

A series of Four distinct Paintings depicting various Authoritative Dictator's or the paradigm of tyranny and intolerance (such as the Myanmar Junta, kim Jong il, the Darfar jaunta-weeda-barta, Bush) etc., and various power-hungry Tyrants and Shamanistic symbols from around the world. The 'Bone Communion', (Version Four), can be viewed also at Beal-Surrealism. Originally inspired by the Fuchs 'Infinite Observator' (Infinital Observator Abscurea/egg tempara/1971-72), the original 'totem' aspect was lost in translation and became more of 'a detached observer' and withdrawn, brisance aspect of human and political abuse and power struggle/control/manipulation world wide.

- Although today, we are still part of that same religious and cultural tradition, we know now, at least theoretically, that only a very insecure, and therefore very easily offended person becomes a TYRANT; nevertheless, out intellectual knowledge has little effect on our fear of tyranny, since this fear is rooted in childhood - Alice Miller

R.S. Beal  'Portrait of Dali as a Pelagianistic Goat-Heath Boy '  OIL  24 by 16"  Circa:1996

Salvador Dali's Great 'Goat Hoof' and His 'Official' yet mis-featured marble bust of the 'Greco-Iberian Headdress' - the Lady of Elche, from which Dali so adequately propagated 'his magic upheaval of a perverse Picasso', has been so altered, by my Own Brush, that the self-consciously jasmine flowered-romantism of Dali's 1947 work has been nutritiously omitted.  The 'LOGO' of the flowered Picasso has been removed, along with the thorny rose-carnation of 'Romantism's falicy' and Picasso's obsessive Spanish 'Spooney Mandelin'.  The porportions of the original DALI Work have been cut, along with the 'Spit of lies', that followed, what was once a great man, into the graves of monetary egotism and megalomanical delusion.


R.S. Beal 'The Viscera Origin of Surrealism'  Oil  48 by 31" 


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R.S. Beal  'The Neurotic Mater'  Oil  2005 

 20 by 16"     View at: SURREALISM 2005 (offsite)

*Pata-Surrealism: The Science of the Imagination to resolve the principle problems of Surrealism. As early as 1994, prior to the Internet and excluding the Schools of Fantastic Realism, Magic Realism, etc. and its many offshoots, the few actual Surrealists represented by contemporary gallery settings were largely only those of the First Generation of Surrealists, including Max Ernst, Dali, Magritte, Delvaux, Tanguy etc..  Andre Breton's (1896-1966) concerted and pointed effort was to note (proclaim) through-out his life' that there would be absolutely NO Surrealism proper after the First Generations had passed. Today there are not only second and third generation Surrealists still working, but there are also over 180,000 listings for Surrealist painters on Google alone. Many of these painters still adhere strongly to the original percepts and tenets of Surrealism.

R.S. Beal  'Infinite Divisibility'  Oil  30 by 30"  1995

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R.S. Beal  'Infinite Divisibility'  Oil  30 by 30"  1995

- Available as a 6 Color Archival Giclee print - Contact RSBeal

'Multiplicity of Arcs' Oil 1994

R.S. Beal   'Where Motion Ceases'   Oil  24 by 36"  2018

after Tanguy


R.S. Beal 'Roman Mithgarthr with Puppets'  Oil  49 by 36"(detail)  2007

'Expulsion'  OIL   36 by 49"  2009

sub-title: 'Brahma Riders'

- Brahma is the title given to the self-subsistent, which means, literally, "that which stands beneath itself." - The Self (ego) is merely an illusion (like time), a problem of bad semantics where-in western language, it is impossible to imagine a subject without an object. In Buddhism, the Knower is the known and the relation between 'object' and subject' is a concrete, real relationship, as opposed to an abstract, symbolical one.

'Three Men on a Stage - Bannana Jesus'  Oil  72 by 144'  1981-86    See: Gallery IV Oils-1980

R.S. Beal 'The Dissipation of Freedom'  Oil(detail)  30 by 38"  2011

subtitle: 'And they Call THIS Freedom'

R.S. Beal  'The Steroid King and His Insidious Holy Ship'  Oil  26 by 48"


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R.S. Beal  'Butterflies'  Pencil/Charcoal (detail)  2006


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