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Robert S. Beal    Surrealist    Painter/Etcher  1970-2016        Oils on Canvas

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R.S. Beal 'Portait of Mary' Oil 31 by 25"  1983

- Painted with a high oil content of copal concentrate (no longer manufactured), linseed oil and sun-thicked oil, the method allowed a viscous flow and unlimited blending and unlimited working time. 'Three Men on a Stage', a large 10 foot oil was begun about this time and took 7 years of work -


 R.S. Beal  'Self-Portrait Standing'  Oil

49 by 38"  2011 

- A Classic contrapposto stance used by the Romans and later by Gothic artists, with the upper torso slightly turned, towards the Picture Plane (viewer) and the weight held on the left leg and hip, with counter-balancing upper shoulders. The light is derived 'partially' from Rembrandt (successive glazes), albiet illumination is self-generating and emanates from 'Within' the object (Self-Illuminating), as opposed to an external source.
A side 'directional light' and backlight give an internalized 'aura' to the figure.  The light source permeates the background. -

R.S. Beal  'Vestments and Fetishs'  Oil  30 by 24"  2010

subtitle: Pride and Vanity (The Good Little Nazi)

- IG Farben Chemical Co. manufactured a pellet of Carbon Monoxide (Gas), later retro-fitted to Zyklon-B pellets, that were dropped into a vent pipe or roof hole, at the Auschwitz  shower stalls, by Nazi's, with blank faces. Rudolf Hoss later commented, in his own diary, 'that many of the 'Einsatzkommandos' (killers) were unable to continue wading thru the blood any longer' and eventually either went completely mad or committed suicide'. - The skull positioned at the area of the genitals might well displace the mind. This painting is composed on a parabolic (concave) curve stretching outward towards the viewer.


"Tanguy Derivative" (Small waves of Indifference) Oil   20 by 16" 1997

- For additional Yves Tanguyian works, Visit ALSO: MusicSureal


Robert S. Beal  'The Age of Innocence'  Oil (DETAIL)   35 b y 22"   2009

'Aristotle Contemplating Death'

Oil   2010


             R.S. Beal   'The Disrobing of the Bride'  Conte/Pastel   1993

1993   Conte/Pastel/Charcoal  'From M.E. (Max Ernst of the same title) 1939

Homage to M.E.- Rhineland 1891-1975

'A painter may know what he does not want. But woe betide him if he wants to know what he does want!' - Max Ernst

'In a sense all painters become what they were relative to that which preceeded them and that which will come after them'. Historical Culture, in the modern world, is created at the fringes of Society and not at its center and in the largest phenomenal sense, the 'Art World/Art Market', at large, has absolutely no idea what is actually transpiring in the real world. This,  historically,  has ALWAYS been the case.



R.S. Beal 'Geometrical Progressions'  Oil (Detail)  27 by 36"  1996

R.S. Beal  'Vae Victis'  Oil  27  by 23"  2009


'Diverse Miners'   Oil    Works in Process   2006-07

R.S. Beal  'Diverse Miners'  Oil  28 by 43"  2006-07


               View (Large)   Left Side                                                                    View (large)  Middle                                                   View (Large) Right Side

R.S. Beal  'Diverse Miners' (details-right side, Left side and Center)  Oil  2006-07


R.S. Beal  'Diverse Miners'  PENCIL Study (left side figure) 2006

'Diverse Miners' - anything or person that descends or ascends deep into something, a miner without proper equipment (gasmask); an explorer of caverns, an explorer of the subconscious or the unknown, a traveler into unknown lands,a subterranean diver etc.


  R.S. Beal   'CRUCIFIXED by the Backwater'  (Possession, Jealousy and Compulsion) Oil  (detail-in process)     63 by 48"    2006   


R.S. Beal  'Crucifixed by the Back-water' (Detail)  Oil  63 by 48"  2006

sub-title: 'Stem-Cell Christ' or Stem Cell Crucifiction

Visit: Visionary Art (Full View and Details)Oneirical Art

'The Vulture and the Monkey'  Oil  1995    (30 by 24")


                  Classical Oneirical and Veristic Fine Art - The Surreal Worlds of Robert S. Beal

Things that happen long ago and things yet to happen can be perceived by our dreams.
As there are no boundaries of time/space 
                                                                Robert S. Beal  'Mannequins at the JOKESHOP'  Oil (detail)  48 by 48"     Visit: R.S. Beal SURREALISM 2005 Gallery Two (offsite) for full view of 'Mannequins at the Jokeshop'.
 R.S. Beal 'Eve After the Fall'  OIL  2013
        R.S. Beal              Subtitle: 'Footprints and wrist Ribbons, Butterflies and lies'  Oil   39 by 50"

                                       The Graphics Works of R.S. Beal - Master Oils 2006 and Intaglio
©R.S. Beal    'et Homage 'zu' Hausner'   Oil    48 by 36"    2005

Rudolf Hausner - 1914-95

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 R.S. Beal

 'The Measured Arch'      Oil         24 by 30 approx.      Circa: 1996-97

R.S. Beal  'Female Maniken with Windy Glass City and Wine'

16 by 20"  OIL  1996

 OIL            1996-1998    Study (under drawing) cartoon for Paradise Lost  

R.S. Beal  

  "Paradise Lost"  38 by 72" approx.  OIL   (Permanant Loan Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.)

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R.S. Beal  'Dustland in ZZ'  Oil  36 by 48"  2005

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R.S. Beal  'The Clown'  Oil  1989-90 (Private Collection)

- The artist as a Fool -or 'The Fools Cap' -

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