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Robert S. Beal   1970-2017    Line and Aquatint ETCHINGS

     Master IntaglioPrintmaker

R.S. Beal   'Sabulous and Ralentando Remains II'   2010

7 by 11"  Etching (Aquatint, line, minor drypoint work)  Printed in Dark Umber/Sienna on Graphic Heavyweight

     Intaglio - Etchings - Aquatints  2008-2017           Academic (Realist) - Surrealism


R.S. Beal  'Rembraun van Vasarely and the Seven Moons of Galileo'

Etching (Line, Drypoint and Aquatint)     10 by 8"    2010

- Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), founder of Astronomy and fundamental, experimental physics - Vasarely (Victor Vasarely: b.1908 HUNGARY: Optical, Perceptual Artist and creator of Kinetic Plastics, i.e., 'optic's and Rembrandts painterly line work (etching) join forces, in a dialogue, between ancient and modern art.

R.S. Beal  'Entrance-Exit' (Remembering M.C. Escher)  Aquatint

Etching  9 by 6"  2010

- M.C. Escher was a 'popular artist' of the masses, looked upon, by the intelligentsia, with disdain and often considered 'pedestrian and mundane' by serious artists. This plate is essentially a large 'test' plate for aquatint bite times and considered by the artist himself, as somewhat non-serious or mundane. People that actually like Escher may not like serious Surrealism, per se, particularly if it approachs the 'dark' side of life and a more 'irrational content'.

Aquatints: Powdered 'wax' Rosin is deposited (sprinkled) on a metal plate. The rosin is heated, until it melts and hardens into an acid 'resist ground or resist dot pattern. Various biting times create varying values. Often a litho crayon is used for gradations. Each gradation recquires very specific 'biting' times in the Nitric acid and rigid control is needed. Often, also two or more layers of Rosin are deposited. The result is a beautifully 'transparent' but deeply rich sequence of values. Also, more than 20 to 30 seperate 'acid' bites are used. Between each bite, an acid resist coating or varnish is used to protect prior bites, in the acid, and to establish value sequences.


Milton's Paradise Lost Suite - Etchings (line, aquatint, drypoint, engraver)

R.S. Beal 'Lucifer, The Fallen Angel'  1rst State Print  9 by 12"  2013   Edition Size: 16

subtitle: 'Wings of Stone - The Castout'             Printed on 175gsm Stonehenge and 300gsm Rives (Mould made) and Fabriano (Mould Made)

R.S. Beal 'The Fallen Angel' (2nd State) Aquatint and Line Etching

9 by 12"   2013  

 Color Print     3rd State Print

R.S. Beal  "The Mask of God" (Marionette)  Etching 2ndState Print (monochromatic/color prints)

8 by 9" image size           2013            From the 'Paradise Lost' Suite

Printed on 250 gsm Fabriano Rosapina and Tiepolo (Line and Aquatint, Engraving, drypoint)

Housed in the Dr. Wickenheiser Collection: USC

'Intaglio Prints after 2008' - 2016

The Suite of MALDOROR     Isador Ducasse
From the Poem/book     'les chants de' Maldoror'
  First State
R.S. Beal  "The Little Miss Hiroshima"  Etching  2010
Aquatint and Line   2nd state  6 by 4 1/2"
- Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bombed August 6, 1945 at 2:45 AM -
That night, even the Moon had Eyes, but the eyes melted into one massive rubble . . .

ALSO R.S. Beal's first print, of the literary work, 'Les Chants de Maldoror' by Isadore Ducasse, a truely 'automatic' (autonomous-unconscious) etching, somewhat after Dali, albeit original, in execution and style.
 1rst State   2nd State
R.S. Beal  'The Cerberus'  LineEtch, Aquatint and Drypoint
11 by 7"       2011 
 (First State) and 2nd State Etchings (with Aquatint)
- The 3-headed Guardian, GateKeeper of Hell has two heads with one hidden in it's body -
Plate 4 from "Les Chants de Maldoror"     Sub-title: Hiroshima II
 "The MIND is capable of  making a heaven
of Hell and a Hell of Heaven - John Milton / Paradise Lost

"Les Chants de Maldoror" (Plates/ ETCHING SUITE)
Isadore Ducasse (Comte de Lautreamont: 1846-70)
R.S. Beal  'Dead Dogs'  Etching (Aquatint and Line) 
5 by 4"  2010

3rd plate for 'Songs de Maldoror: - Printed on Tiepolo Fabriano: 250gsm 100% Cotton/Acid free (Italian paper in Black ink and in Umber-dark) -   Edition Size: 50 sheets/signed-dated and numbered

R.S. Beal  'The Picture Makers' (after DALI) Les chants Maldoror/Ducasse
(The Songs of Maldoror) 5 by 7"  1rststate print

- from Les Chants de Maldoror - Isadore Ducasse(1846-70) - Comte de Lautre'amont (French Publication, originally published in 1868-69), applauded by Breton as pure Marvelous violence, in literature, Isadore Ducasse was virtually unknown during his life. Ducasse's publisher refused to distribute the work, in fear of retaliation, due to it's violence.   Dali was invited to illustrate, in engravings and Etchings, Isadores amazing poetical work around 1930. These etchings are Dali's only real 'etched' works, prior to his own 'avida dollar' cretinization and his known signing of blank sheets of paper. The MOMA has the complete collection and original publicaton of Dali's prints and illustrated book of Les Chants de Maldoror. -

R.S. Beal        "THE POINTLESS"      Line Etch with Aquatint (1rst and 2nd State Prints)     2016
1rst State Line Etch, Drypoint and Aquatint                   6 by 8" (in process)
"The Songs of Maldoror"
Overview of the Etching Process (OFFSITE LINK)
an offsite link explaining etchings and the various process of aquatint and line ETCHING using different acid baths
The artist generally utilizes all methods of aquatint in timed baths, incorporating line etch, softground, drypoint, litho crayon work and often 'engraving' when needed on the plate. The artist utilizes both copper and zinc plates.
Kafka and his insects

R.S. Beal  'Incestiastical Metamorphosis/Kafka"  2018
Line Etch  1stStatePrint   8 by 6"image size


R.S. Beal  'Female in a Tree'  (After P.Klee)  2011
Line Etch (1rst State)  6 by 9"     Printed in Black/crimson on Stonehenge White
AP/IMP (Artist Proof AP/Printed by the Artist IMP)
 1rst State Print
R.S. Beal  'Schema' (anatomical dogma-Vesalius)  LineEtch           2nd State Print
       1rst State Etching    9 by 6"  2011                                                         'Schema' ETCHING 2nd State (in Process)  2011
- During the 15th-19th century, the study of anatomy became both a science and an art. Anatomical studies were used in medical texts -


R.S. Beal  'Freud'  Etching (Aquatint) 8 by 6"  2018
Freud's influence on Surrealism and the unconscious image had a major impact over Andre Breton's early writings 
on Surrealism and the use of 'THE UNCONSCIOUS image' and workings of the MIND over art. While it was only later realized
that Freud 'rolled over' and sold out his own patients much of his 'unwitting' contributions in art may have validity. Freud pointed out that
the workings of the Subconscious mind had More influence over an individuals daily life and ENTIRE LIFE Impact than 'Rationalizatons', intellect or 
conscious 'intent' and Breton suggested that this must be the driving force behind ALL ART. Any art directed towards a 'market' was NOT art at all but only another
from of cultural illusion/inculcation (delusion) and only served to support that illusion.


R.S. Beal    'Portrait of Dean Christianson'  

Line Etch (First State)   8 by 6"   2008


 R.S. Beal   'Portrait of John Milton'  2011

1rst State Line Etch   9 by 6"

Collection:/Dr.Wickenheiser Library Room-John Milton Collection USC

See Also:  Pastels


R.S. Beal  'Adam and Eve'  Line and Aquatint Etchings  ( 9 by 6")  2012

John Milton's  "Paradise Lost'  Suite:  "Adam and Eve" 1rst and 2nd State Etchings IMP/Signed

- A series of Etchings depicting Miltons Epic Poem -

'Portrait of Miss Rutledge'  Line Etch  8 by 6" 1980



R.S. Beal  'The Horde' (2ndState)  2009    'The Horde' (3rdState)  2009

sub-title: 'Satans Treasures

Line, Aquatint, Softground and drypoint etching - 2009  8 by 6"

AP/IMP sold in the N.Y. Williamsburg Art and Historical Center show in May, 2011, Rescue Japan Show (Japan Tsumani).

- The Golden Horde of Batu Khan, Mongol Tatars, 13th Century, a tribal group of nomads that overran eastern Europe. - Also 'Deaths Treasure', (Incident in Haiti).

  2nd State

R.S. Beal 'Female Org' (Eunuch) Line etch and Aquatint/roulette

5 by 4"   2010  (2nd State-Light stippling aquatint added in background)

R.S. Beal 'The Apollo Belvedere' (From the Age of Innocence/Baroque)

Etching (Line Etch-First State)  6 by 4"  2010

- this image has been used in a number of paintings -

R.S. Beal  'Fannus Faustus'  Aquatint/Line Etching

   6 by 4 1/2"  2009

- Fannus is a rural deity (god of animals and prophecy). Faust is a drama by Goethe who associates with Mephistopheles - The original title of this very small and obsolete, adolescent work (etching) was "Faustus-The Time Card Bomber", as it is common observation and knowledge, that children from any culture, can be made to believe in ANYTHING, even suicide, even in gods, in witch's, in politics, in greed, superstitions, religions, jinn's, etc., etc.,  if it's repeated to them over and over and over. Culture, as we know it, commonly, is actually a joke . . . played out on humans by themselves -


ETCHINGS - SELF PORTRAITS from 1976 to 2017


R.S. Beal  'Self-Portrait'  2009        - 'Self Portrait' IMP, First state PRINT  2017 -

Line Etch  6 by 4"                Line Etch 8 by 6"

- Printed on Fabriano (Tiepolo) Cream or Buff (250gsm) in black and sienna -

R.S. Beal 'The Artist' (Self-Portrait)  ETCHING 2nd State Print (line and Aquatint)  

8 by 6"  2017


R.S. Beal  'The Deaf Musician'  Aquatint and Line/2nd State Print                'The Tempered Funnel'  11 by 7"  2017 (1rst State Print)

8 by 6"   2017                                                                                             11 by 7"   2017

R.S. Beal 'Man in Felt Cap' ETCHING 2019

6 by 8"


R.S. Beal  'Remorse Smiling' (LineEtch)   6 by 4"  2010

1rst State line etch

Prints prior to 2008

R.S. Beal  'Self Portrait' Aquatint 1976

- one of over 250 etched master plates, all stolen around 1986-88, ONLY half dozen prints survived the extensive thefts -

R.S. Beal "Self-Portrait"  1rst State Print

Line Etch 2010

R.S. Beal 'Winter Cannabilism'  Aquatint/Line Etch (minor drypoint work)

4 by 5"    1999

Dali illustrated or etched Lautre'amont's 'Les Chants de Maldoror' in 1933-34. In Dali's plate XIV, 'Saturn' is devouring a child trapped in a sewing machine or Lautre'mont's, now, classic phrase - 'as beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an unbrella on a dissecting table', -  which the Surrealists, were in no doubt, had sexual symbolism's and connotations attached.

- Printed on Lana Laid Gravure in Black -

R.S. Beal  'Portrait of an Old man - Picasso' 

Aquatint 1983

Paper, edition size and ink color varies and depends solely on type of etching and requirements needed for any specific plate. ALL plates are printed (IMP), inked and hand wiped by artist and not a second studio, atlier or third party.

R.S. Beal 'The Minotaur' Aquatint/line Etch  2000

8 by 10"

Printed or proofed in Black/Umber ink on Graphics heavyweight paper

- while I've never thought much of Picasso's work, this is obviously a reference to his etching of the 'Minotaur/Bull myth' - it's a quickly drawn and heavily bitten plate -

R.S. Beal  'The Shell'  Aquatint/Line and Drypoint

3 by 4"  1998

'Man with Beard' Aquatint Etching 9 by 7"

Signed/Dated 1978


R.S. Beal  "Remains of Yesterday"  Etching (aquatint and line)

- a finely bitten plate with delicate tones and line work -

6 by 10"  1999


2017 Etching

Robert S. Beal   "Death and Cremation" (Portrait of Jessica)  Line and Aquatint Etching

9 by 6"  2017  (Portrait of Jessica Faith Pickett b.1984, d. 2017) In memory of a a very talented Musician and Model who died needlessly at the age of 32)

Jessica who died March 1rst, 2017 posed for many works as 'Eve' which are now housed at USC in the Dr. Wickenheiser Milton Collection


R.S. Beal    'Old Man with Beard' (From Rembrandt)   Pure Aquatint-etching




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Etching paper varies, depending on the print, generally 175 to 300 gsm 100% cotton mould made.

R.S. Beal     'Three Men on a Stage - Bannana Jesus and the unholy Trinity' 
 Oil  72 by 144"   1981-86   GalleryIV

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