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Robert S. Beal   -  Master Surrealist   -   Painter/Etcher (Works in Oil and Intaglio/Aquatints) - 1970-2013


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R.S. Beal    'et Homage 'zu' Hausner'   Oil    48 by 36"    2005

To View (link to) Rudolf Hausner's Works - 1914-95  Visit: GALLERY I

. . . But Alas for POOR ALICE!   when she got to the Door, she found that she had forgotten the little Golden Key . . .
From:  Alice in Wonderland,  'Down the Rabbit-Hole' - Lewis Carroll 1862
So she set to work, and so very soon finished off the cake . . .
R.S. Beal  'The Inquisition - Fool II' 
Oil  48 by 38" (detail)  2007
See: Gallery I or Visionary-Surreal
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R.S. Beal  'The Mouse Mouth-piece'  2002           'Death Judging' (Draped Death)   Pencil   2006 (Study)               'Death Judging' Oil (Detail)  2006
Visit: Graphics I and Graphics II
R.S. Beal  'Death Judging'  Oil (detail-right side)  29 by 26"  2006
Full View at: Visionary-Sureal Gallery or click above images to view
'Juggler'  (Pencil study for The Inquisition - Fool II)  2007
See: Graphics and Graphics II

           'The Inventions Of Culture'  Oil  2007  (detail)           'Consumption Hand Crank'  Oil

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R.S. Beal  'Three Men on a Stage (Bannana Jesus)  Oil (Detail) 72 by 144"  1981-86  See: Gallery IV          Master Painter/Etcher           Site Domain: www.beal-surrealiste.com

              ©   Full View

R.S. Beal   'Alice Goes to Jail'   Line EtchingIMP/FirstState) 9 by 8"  1998

sub-title: 'Alice with the Queen'

Limited Edition Intaglio printed in Umber-Black on Stonehenge and Rives Light  See: Printmaking

"The intolerant public cried, 'the guilotine to the queen' and ten to twenty fro the scene . . . gurgle the spleen and rope for the roach, but pardon the guinea as he's guilty as the guano, the guanidine, the corn and the gimp . . ."

LESS BREAD and MORE TAXES . . .  screamed the King, as we have a nitecap and an obedience to pay for this obfuscation and obiter dictum . . . as the judge passed his fiction

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  • R.S. Beal  'Diverse miners' (details) oil 2006 - Visit: Gallery II

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 Flash Show (Slide Preview) gives a brief, albeit full 'overview' of all R.S. Beal sites. Each individual site specializes in specific mediums, years or genres related to Surrealism. This site predominately focuses on Graphics (Works on Paper) and Printmaking (intaglio and aquatints), albeit contains some unique Larger Master Oils. Slide Show contains 19 frames. R.S. Beal is a selected A.S.I. Artist, Saginaw Arts Museum - American Surrealist Initiative, 2008 and was a participant in the INTERNATIONAL Surrealist/Visionary Brave Destiny 'Williamsburg Art and Historical Center' (Wah) show, Sept.2003, Brooklyn, N.Y., featuring the work of Ernst Fuchs, Salvador Dali, George Tooker, (sponsored by the Society for the Art of Imagination / UK) etc.. and is a selected artist in the Lindall, Yuko Nii Williamsburg International 'Miltion' Paradise Lost exhibit, Sept. 2008. 

R.S. Beal  'Waves 1' (Biomorphic)  Oil  16 by 21"  2007 (detail)

"Biomorphics - works in OIL are 'homages' to the continuing developments of Infrarealism and the work of the Polish Painter Stanislaw Kors and the Belgian-French born First Generation Surrealist painter, Yves Tanguy(b.1900-d.1955) and the Surrealist painter MATTA"

R.S. Beal  'Wheel-Barrow'  Oil (Detail)   Circa: (1983-85 approx.)  Visit: Gallery IV 1970-80

 - There is nothing wrong with Abstraction and decoration in the Arts other than it's vacuity and ludicrously amateurish simplicity - All art is an abstraction, albeit all art isn't necessarily empty -

 *Oneiric: (common use-N.Gr.) of or relating to a dream. Pertaining to a waking condition which appears dreamlike.

*Veristic (Verism): to have the 'appearance' of reality. Theory or style holding that truth and realism as (is) an aspect of art and often using contemporary material as opposed to Romanticism. The use of non-logic subliminal imagery in a realistic vein.

SURREALISTE: Initially used by Appollinaire for his fantastic farce, Les Mamelles de Tiresias (1917), which he subtitled 'un drame surre'aliste'

A.S.I. (American Surrealist Initiative) Selected ARTIST NationalShow Schedule 2008 Saginaw Arts Museum, MI - Jan. - March 2008 - Selections by Michael Bell.    


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  • Selected Artist (participating artist) International Surrealist and Visionary 'BraveDestiny', Brooklyn, N.Y.Sept. 2003 WikipediaBraveDestiny Show WAH
  • Invited Artist: Galleria d'Arte III Millennio, San Marco, ITALY, Feb.2008 International 1rst group exhibition 'Art and Eros', Carnival of Eros, San Marco, Italy
  • Selected Artist: Milton's 'Paradise Lost' at the Wah, Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept.27, 2008 (Three Selected Works)        R.S. Beal '{Portrait Of John Milton') 18 by 24" 2008
  •                                                        Collection: New York, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center (Museum) and Dr. Wickenheiser Collection USC

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    'Three Men on a Stage - Bannana Jesus' 
     Oil  72 by 144"   1981-86   GalleryIV


    'Toy Soldiers, real guns and the wrong people' Oil 2008 (Visit: Intro Gallery)

    sub-tilte: "1000 Genocide Nights"

    - Detail from '1000 genocide nights'

    originally titled 'Chinese Baseball': note the black footed figure beating a wooden manniken with a baseball against a frontis view of a toy soldier. This was probably an unconscious comment about the current contradiction and public propaganda of  holding the Olympics in a country currently suppressing freedom of thought, censorship of u-tube, general censorship and general genocide. The title was changed because this was only a small symbolical aspect in the treatment of a more irrational and larger subject. Surrealist paintings should not and do not require interpretation. Also Surrealist works are not limited to specific cultural events, specific times, locations or geographical areas and they tend to instead overlap, juxtapose, recombine, etc., biographical, political and social arenas into an irrational inexplicable mystery which contain multiple views and perceptions of any one event, state, being, etc..

    Tibet protests spread to other provinces as Dalai Lama warns of cultural genocide

    China's communist government had hoped Beijing's hosting of the Aug. 8-24 Olympics would boost its popularity at home as well as its image abroad. Instead the event has already attracted scrutiny of China's human rights record

    Thubten Samphel, a spokesman for the Dalai Lama's government, said multiple witnesses inside Tibet had counted at least 80 corpses since the violence broke out Friday. He did not know how many of the bodies were those of protesters. The figures could not be independently verified because China restricts foreign media access to Tibet.

    Hundreds of soldiers and police patrolled the streets. Hong Kong Cable TV said about 200 military, vehicles each carrying dozens of armed soldiers, drove into the city center.

    TONGREN, China - Protests spread from Tibet into three neighboring provinces Sunday as Tibetans defied a Chinese government crackdown and the Dalai Lama decried what he called "cultural genocide" taking place in his homeland.    

    Excerpts from:    Associated Press Writer David Wivell in Xiahe contributed to this report.


    On the Net:

    International Campaign for Tibet: http://www.savetibet.org

    Chinese official news agency: http://www.xinhuanet.com

    Tibet Daily: http://www.tibetdaily.com

    'THE Shadow TWINS'  PENCIL  1984-85


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