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Robert S. Beal -   Surrealist - Painter/Etcher (Works in Oil and Intaglio/Aquatints/Printmaking/Etchings) - 1970-2019


      Oils    Etchings   Graphics   Pastels  Poetics

Believing in progress does not mean believing that any progress has yet been made. (Franz Kafka)


(Engravings, Drypoints, Line Etchings and Aquatints) AND Oils on Canvas

1969 - 2019


Works in Oil

 Oil    'The Horde' 1rstState Etching

R.S. Beal  'Portrait of Durer' Oil  (detail)  36 by 24"  1997

Far left: 'The world Greed Apple' Oil  / subtitle: 'The Age of Innocence' (after Dali)

R.S. Beal  'Inventions of Culture'  Oil    38 by 48"   2009  VISIT: Gallery IV

'We survive to live and we live to survive, yet the true Palace of Being seems to lay in the creativity that can surpass material endeavor'

'Inventions of Culture' published in Hardback Volume IV, ArtBuzz Collection 2010

R.S. Beal  'Inventions of Culture (DETAIL)  Oil

R.S. Beal 'The Small Room'   26 by 36"   Oil  1983

  'Portrait of Mary'  Circa: 1983-84    30 by 24"   Oil (detail)  Visit: GalleryII


                This way thru the Promised Land    Visit: Gallery II                                            

 Robert S. Beal  "Pride and Vanity"  30 by 24"  2010   Oil


 R.S.Beal  'Necromancer'   OIL 2009

 'Mount Rushmore'  OIL

R.S. Beal   'Mount Rushmore, The Dissipation of Freedom'  (TinkerTOYS and Clocks)  Oil  36 by 24" approx.   2011

R.S. Beal  'The Visceral Origin of Surrealism'  Oil  2007

(Published in Masters Encyclopedia)




R.S. Beal 'The Misanthrope' Pencil/Wax Pencil/charcoal  36 by 24"  circa: 1983

 -VISIT: Graphics I and Graphics II  (charcoal, pencil, wax pencil, mixed)


'The Violinist'             R.S. Beal    'The Muscian' (The Violinist)   PENCIL

24 by 18'  2012  IN PROCESS

R.S. Beal  'Bosschart and Broken'  PENCIL  2016

24 by 18" Works On Paper


R.S. Beal  'The Fallen'   Pencil  18 by 24"  2013 (detail)

subtitle: 'Wings of Stone"   (Study for Etching 'The Fallen') Visit: EtchingII


'Footprints in the SAND', Left behind  Oil


           R.S. Beal      "Eve After the Fall"    Oil     30 by 51"     2013 - 2017

subtitle: 'Footprints in the Sand'  Oil

'Life seems to be an illusion that passes away long before it comes to fruition' 


R.S. Beal 'Jessica Sleeping' 

Pencil   2015 


Rudolf Re-visited'   R.S. Beal 'Hausner ReVisited' Oil (Detail)  22 by 26" - Rudolf Hausner's (Austrian Art Club/Vienna, Painter/German) 'Adam' becomes 'Hugo' as Nagarjuna, the Great 4rth Century India Philospher, who exposed 'time' as an illusion or mental abstraction and postulated that 'space' was non-existent - Nagarjuna's original translation is scarce, but available.

(In November, 2013, the Artist suffered a devastating Studio/home fire. This work was one of hundreds of OILS and ETCHINGS, either burnt up or severely damaged, in that fire)

Visit: Gallery I ____________________________________ 'Hausner REVISITED' or Hugo as Nagarjuna OIL  22 by 26" 2009-2010

Robert S. Beal   'Adam Reflected II'  OIL  48 by 32"  2017

- homage to the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism and the works of Rudolf Hausner -

R.S. Beal 'Rage contemplating Death' Oil  2010-2011 (detail)

36 by 24"

subtitle: 'Artistotle contemplating Death (Plato)'  (The Haitian Tribute), inspired by Rembrandt's 'Aristotle' (Bust of Homer) and the Haitian Earthquake     Visit: GalleryII

R.S. Beal    'The Final Burn-The Cockroach King'   Oil  30 by 40"   2012-2013

sub-title: 'Lucifers Domain, the Seperation of Adam and Eve'                   THE FIRST WORK in OIL of the New Year 2013

VISIT: Gallery ONE _______________________________________________________ all images measured in HEIGHT first, Width Second, in INCHES


Robert S. Beal 'Blue Maniken in a Box' Oil 30 by 24"

R. S. Beal  'Waves'  Oil   22 by 29" approx.

                    Robert S. Beal                  OIL                    2009-2012

R.S. Beal    'White Silence'  OIL  24 by 36"   2009-2010

- Tribute to Yves Tanguy - from the 'PERSPECTIVES' 1952/Tanguy

R.S. Beal  'The Camel'  OIL (detail)   17 by 19"  1983-84

'Homage, Yves Tanguy'

R.S. Beal  "Where ALL motion Ceases"   Oil  24 by 36"  2018


R.S. Beal  "The Steroid King and His Insidious Holy Ship"  Oil  2011-12

subtitle: 'The Slave Ship' "always WANTING MORE and MORE and MORE, until MORE ran out . . .

It isn't what you THINK it IS, . .   IT IS what you THINK it IS NOT . . .



Three Men on a Stage - Bannana JESUS (detail)  Oil and Full views     

R.S. Beal 'Three Men on a Stage' (Bannana Jesus)  Oil    (6 by 9.6 Feet)    1986-2012 (Work in Process) completed 2012 (Detail)

Begun in 1983 (1983-1989), the work could never be shown publically or privately, due to prejudice and contempt for Surrealism. Originally stolen and put in storage, for over 25 years,

the work was recovered, and repairs made and minor alterations were completed, on the composition, to the finished work. Being too large to photograph the right and left wings are not shown

VISIT: Gallery IV (1980) Works in OIL from 1980 to 2012

Still Lifes

R.S. Beal  'Silver Teapot with Shell'  Oil  24 by 36  circa: 1995-96 (Private Collection)

R.S. Beal  "Silver TeaPot"  24 by 36"  1997  VISIT: Still Life Gallery


R.S. Beal  "Pottery"  Oil  1996


R.S. Beal  "The Broken Wheelbarrow" 24 BY 36"  oil  1983-84


R.S. Beal 'Age of Innocence'  Oil  35 by 22"  2008

subtitle: 'The World Greed Apple'        VISIT: GalleryTWO


R.S. Beal 'Contradictory Mirrors' (detail)   36 by 45" approx.   Oil

- There is a Crack in Everything . . .

That's how the LIGHT gets in . . . Lenard Cohen (Canadian Poet/Musican)

Insolence and Fantasy, Reality and stupidity

R.S. Beal "Contradictory Mirrors" (Grasping Mirrors) DETAIL Oil 2011

 R.S. Beal 'Disharmony in the Universe' Oil


*Oneiric: (common use-N.Gr.) of or relating to a dream. Pertaining to a waking condition which appears dreamlike.

*Veristic (Verism): to have the 'appearance' of reality. Theory or style holding that truth and realism as (is) an aspect of art and often using contemporary material as opposed to Romanticism. The use of non-logic subliminal imagery in a realistic vein.

SURREALISTE: Initially used by Appollinaire for his fantastic farce, Les Mamelles de Tiresias (1917), which he subtitled 'un drame surre'aliste'

- The First Generation Surrealist's detested 'good taste' in art and despised any form of 'censorship' in image making. They firmly believed that 'social art' and ALL previous art was only another form of supporting the bourgeois authorities of class control -

THEY Essentially destested fine art, as a kind of cultural crutch.

A.S.I. (American Surrealist Initiative) Selected ARTIST National, Show Schedule 2008 Saginaw Arts Museum, MI - Jan. - March 2008 - Selections by Michael Bell.


Pastels: Visit - GalleryPastels

'Ginerva'     R.S. Beal  "Ginevra'  Pastel     'The Model' 2012  Nude Female

R.S. Beal 'Portrait of George Herbert' (16th-17th Century English Poet)  Pastel  25 by 19"   2014


Robert S. Beal            'Hausner and Me' (Double Self Portrait)            PASTEL  19 by 25"   2015

'Homage to Rudolf Hausner' Vienna School of Fantastic Realism and SURREALISM

Visit: Pastels

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Selected Artist (participating artist) International Surrealist and Visionary 'BraveDestiny', Brooklyn, N.Y.Sept. 2003 WikipediaBraveDestiny Show WAH (Williamsburg Museum and Historical Center)

  • Invited Artist: Galleria d'Arte III Millennio, San Marco, ITALY, Feb.2008 International 1rst group exhibition 'Art and Eros', Carnival of Eros, San Marco, Italy
  • Hardback Publications: Artbuzz: Volumn 3 2010. Founder; Toney Blue, Editor: Alan Rowe (www.artbuzz.com)
  • International Dictionary of Artist 2011 Hardback Publications, Gloss (www.wwab.com) Inclusion: R.S. Beal 'The Visceral Origin of Surrealism OIL Visit: SlideShow for Publications

  • Buy online at: http://wwab.us/index.php/Order-Dictionary/vmchk.html (Dictionary of Artist)

  • Selected Artist: (WAH) Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y., (2011), Save Japan Show (Rescue Team for Japan), Etchings and drawings (sold)

  • Selected Artist: Paradise Lost Weekend Show, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, N.Y., April, 2012 (Etchings: 'Portrait of Milton', Graphic works, (Adam and Eve/EtchingSuite/ Satan Rising), etc..

  • Showcased: 'Urban Tulsa' Weekly Arts Showcase Dec. 1 to 7, 2005. View Text article by Gretchen Collins (Arts Ed.). View Frontispiece (Cover archive) Urban Tulsa Weekly (Article: R.S.Beal - Delving in the Sureal) 12/1/2005 - 12/7/2005
    Vol. 15 Issue 25. / copyright Gretchen Collins

  • ______________________________________________________________________

  • Selected Artist: Milton's 'Paradise Lost'  at the Wah, Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept 27, 2008 (Three Selected Works) R.S. Beal 'Milton' 2008

  •    R.S. Beal 'Portrait of Yuko Nii' (Charcoal heightened with White) Collection: Yuko Nii Foundation, N.Y. (Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.)
  •                                    25 by 19"   2010 
  •  'Surrealist Portrait of the POET, George Herbert 16 Century English poet PENCIL 2012
  • Collection:  the Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser Library,  
  •  'Portrait of Dr. Wickenheiser' Pencil
  • Collection: Dr. Robert Wickenheiser 'Milton (Paradise Lost) Library Room, 
  • - In memory of Robert J. Wickenheiser - One of The Worlds greatest contemporary Scholar of Milton and Paradise Lost left us too soon and provided the worlds largest collection of Milton's First Editions of Paradise Lost and
  • his own massive collection of Milton artifacts and Art Collection (D. 2015)  Now housed in Special Collections Wickenheiser, Paradise Lost USC
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Portrait of Bones Bienvenido Jr.  ARTIST of Paradise Lost

  •                      R.S. Beal     'Portrait of "Bones" - Bienvenido Banez Jr.      PENCIL  24 by 18"   2018
  •                       The Satanic Verses
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  • SURREALISM 'Art History' Original Movement 1924-1955 (offsite)

Refer to: BIO-About (offsite at Oneirical and Classical) for Actual Publications, One-man Shows, Awards, Resume-bio, etc..

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Visit: Printmaking and Etching II

Etchings from the Series "Songs Of Maldoror' by Lautreamonte

Robert S. Beal  'Little Hiroshima'  Etching  2010

6 by 4"

- From the Suite 'Songs of Maldoror"/ Aquatint, Line Etching and Drypoint - Les Chants de Maldoror - Lautrea'monte

'Songs of Maldoror' the original 'handbook' of Surrealism, illustrated by Dali

VISIT: Etchings II

R.S. Beal 'Cerberus' Hiroshima II Maldorer (Guardian to the Gates of Hell)

Etching (Line,Aquatint and drypoint) Limited Edition AP/IMP    11 by 7"   2010 

Black/Umber on Fabriano Italian Paper 300gsm


R.S. Beal 'Rembraun VAN Vasarely' (The Seven Moons of Galileo)   ETCHING  10 by 9"


*VASARELY: Artist of Op Art or Optical illusion and pop art genres

Line Etchings/Aquatint and Drypoint VISIT: Printmaking and ETCHING II

R.S. Beal 'The Remains of Yesterday'  ETCHING
Aquatint and Line  6 by 10"  2000

R.S. Beal 'Adam and Eve' Intaglio Print (Aquatint and Line Etching) 2nd STATE ETCHING 2012 

- From the Etching suite: Paradise Lost - (after Fuseli)

Intaglio Printmaking

R.S. Beal  'Lucifer, The Fallen Angel'   ETCHING (Line and Aquatint/2nd State Print)  9 by 12"  2013



R.S. Beal  'Female in a Tree' (the Virgin) Line Etch 2012

- From Paul Klee -

   'The Horde' 2nd state ("Aquatint and Line Etching) 2010-11

 R.S. Beal 'Portrait of Milton' 1rstState Etching D

Etching  2011-2012  9 by 7"     Collection: Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser Special Collections USC

 R.S. Beal 'GOYA' (Pure Aquatint ETCHING)  CIrca: 1975   Dean Christianson (line Etch) 2008 (8 by 6" - 1rst State)

R.S. Beal  "Impression of Bewilderment"  Aquatint ETCHING Self-Portrait

9 by 8" approx.     1976-1977 

(stolen 250 Master Plates, Etchings on zinc and copper 1970-1988-Reward) comprises plates etched between 1972 and 1987

800 IMP prints destroyed  - Reward for the recovery of the Master Plates and any  surviving prints

R.S. Beal "Self-Portrait"  LineEtch/1rst State print  2010-2013

8 by 6"'__________________________________

R.S. Beal "The MASK of God"   Etching   8 by 10"   2013   2nd State Print

 THE HORDE (1rst State Etching) 2010-11

  VISIT: PRINTMAKING_______________________________________________ Etching II


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R.S.Beal  'Isle of the Dead'  Oil 1973-75       R.S. Beal 'Vae Victus'  Oil 2010
Robert S. Beal  'Infinite Divisibility'  Oil  1984
- Reality 'may' pass,
Fantasy and Imagination PERSISTS and Outlasts . . .'
Visit: Gallery IV


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Detail of Oil

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